The Ultimate Overland Vehicle

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Good organization is key when overlanding as it improves efficiency and safety. Knowing that your supplies are secure and readily (and easily) accessible contributes greatly to the overall enjoyment of your adventure. Being organized simply makes off-grid life easier!

One such storage solution is the Mototesto Multi-mission Overland Vehicle (M.M.O.V.) canopy. The M.M.O.V. is a modular canopy storage system designed for maximum storage capacity and structured in a way to provide quick and easy access to supplies / equipment stored within. The M.M.O.V. has pre-installed racks or drawers which allows you to properly organize your supplies while increaseing your vehicle’s storage space without compromising the structural integrity.


The M.M.O.V. has -

  • a retractable table with drawer (left side);

  • a retractable table with drawer (rear) for select SUV / pick up models;

  •  provision for portable fridge;

  • a multi-purpose storage compartment (right side);

  • a compartment for drying wet items (beside left fender) as well as a compartment for storing dry gear (beside right fender);

  • customized holders for jerry cans and spare tire;

  • a lift-up door which is very convenient when putting your supplies in or taking them out.

The M.M.O.V. greatly improves storage efficiency by paying special care and attention to where items are stored and how easily accessible they will be when needed.

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