KONI Shocks and Car Struts – The Mastery of Automotive Suspension

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Street and Track Performance with a Rich History

Every industry has a few names that have contributed significantly to its development. KONI is one such name in the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1857 in the Netherlands by A. de Koning – the man who has made the Netherlands the home of world-class suspension components. They went from making leather accessories for horses to making friction type shocks just as WWII started heating up.

KONI’s true path to advanced suspension solutions started after the war when the company signed a fruitful deal with Ferrari. The two worked together to come up with the answer to Ferrari’s suspension needs at the time. A few custom-tailored designs later and KONI became known as the go-to brand for advanced suspension solutions.

Today, this company is a synonym for performance handling and adjustable shock absorbers. You’ll find KONI shocks in all kinds of performance cars ranging from BMWs to full-on rally cars.

KONI Range of Shocks, Struts, and Coilovers

Like other big names in the suspension business, KONI has developed a whole range of different struts and shocks. Each category matches a specific application, including motorsports, enthusiast-level suspension tuning, and advanced OEM.

We offer a wide range of KONI products that cover most of these. Here’s what you can expect to get if you entrust KONI to boost your ride’s handling.


KONI was one of the first brands to recognize the void left between the OEM and performance suspension components. They’ve defined a whole category of users who wanted something that is a step above OEM but not necessarily made for track days.

What KONI came up with was the STR.T line of shocks and struts. Going with a set of STR.T shocks gives you a tangible improvement in handling and road grip at a great price point. The information and graphs KONI offers on these show a significant increase in piston velocity that puts the STR.T above any OEM set. STR.T can be purchased as a standalone shock or strut, while you can also get them paired with H&R springs.

Speaking of springs, STR.T works great with both standard and lowering springs, thus giving you enough room to find the perfect ride height and improve the contact point between your wheel and the road surface.

KONI Sport

The Sport series shocks from KONI are arguably among their best-selling products. The yellow Sport shock is a true performance damper that gives you complete control over your car handles.

Sport shocks are fully adjustable, meaning that you can fine-tune the rebound rate of the shock. By only allowing you to adjust the rebound rate, KONI has found a way to reduce production costs and, therefore, the end product’s price.

That being said, limiting the adjustments to the rebound rate has made fine-tuning the ride much easier since there’s only one parameter to set up.

Considering that every car is unique in this regard, the ability to find this proverbial handling sweet spot makes for a massive advantage on and off the track. The company offers these as standalone or part of a kit that includes a set of H&R springs.

Speaking of springs, KONI has designed the Sport series to work with various lowering springs made by H&R and other companies.

KONI Special Active

Years ago, KONI revealed its FSD or Frequency Selective Dampening technology. Shocks fitted with the FSD tech weren’t adjustable in the common sense of the word. As a user, there was nothing for you to dial in.

Instead, the FSD Shock would do everything automatically. The technology installed in these would soften up the ride over rough surfaces, all while giving you sporty handling the moment you hit the twisties.

KONI Special Active shocks are the latest evolution of the FSD family. KONI has essentially perfected their FSD technology response, making the Special Active series of shocks even smoother. Special Active dampers are available for a whole range of vehicles.

Off-Road Series – RAID and Heavy Track

There are two types of performance suspension components – those made for fast on-road driving and suspension components explicitly designed for heavy off-road use. KONI offers two types of shocks for the off-road aficionados out there.


The RAID series of shocks is all about navigating harsh terrain with zero compromises. KONI has combined a number of their cutting edge technologies to create a twin-tube shock that can take the abuse of rock crawling as well as fast off-road driving.

Going with a RAID setup on your truck or SUV allows you to adjust the rebound rate to fully match your build. RAID shocks feature big bore tubes that feel slightly over-engineered even by KONI’s standards. You’re looking at solid attachments all around, robust mounting points, and a beefy outer tube.

Best of all, KONI RAID shocks require absolutely no vehicle modifications. This is a bolt-on upgrade for your off-road vehicle.

KONI Heavy Track

Compared to RAID, KONI Heavy Track shocks are more of an all-around solution for 4×4 and SUVs. With Heavy Track, you’re getting improved handling capabilities on the road, while you’ll also enjoy a better ride as soon as you decide to leave the pavement in the rearview mirror.

Heavy Track comes with several features found in the heavy-duty RAID series of shocks. Things such as adjustable rebound, rugged construction, and exceptional build quality are present in both types of KONI’s off-road shocks.

Given all the information and feedback from customers, it’s apparent that both of KONI’s off-road series of shocks are delivering way above what this company promises.

How Long do KONI Shocks Last?

Upgrading the suspension is no small feat. It’s often one of the costliest upgrades you can perform on a car. It’s only natural to wonder, just long will your upgrade last. KONI’s shocks are arguably among the most durable ones you can get.

KONI has made a name for itself on proper quality control, advanced manufacturing processes, and new material technologies. Their shocks will often outlast the vehicle they’re bolted onto.

Naturally, the longevity of any automotive part greatly depends on how the car is being used. There’s no definitive information or stats available, but you’ll find that KONI struts and shocks are durable as long as you treat them right.

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