Leitner Designs: Why The Leitner Rack is the Choice as Your Next Truck Bed Rack

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If you are familiar with the Leitner Designs name, then you already know about their industry leading design that is completely modular and features a proprietary sliding cross bar that allows full use of your truck bed. This is the perfect solution for an overlanding vehicle or those simply looking to maximize the potential of their truck bed. If you are not familiar with Leitner Designs, then we would like to invite you in and prepare to find out why the Leitner Designs bed rack system is the choice for your next truck bed rack. In a series of blog posts we will discuss who Leitner Designs are, why the Leitner Rack is great, installation, and what accessories work well with Leitner Designs. We want this to serve as a guide to those getting their feet wet as they step into the world of overlanding or for those simply looking for a revolutionary truck bed rack. It is also important to note that while we have spent time at Leitner’s facility this is by no means a pitch for Leitner Designs or paid for by Leitner himself. We bought and installed the Leitner Designs Truck Bed Rack on our truck and wanted to pass on our review and insight to further help those still deciding.


Who is Leitner Designs

 Leitner Designs did not stem from the truck or overland market at all. Originally Leitner Designs utilized their gifts in several different fields including Medical, Motorcycle, Action Sports, Consumer and Automotive markets. It was during this time that Leitner was able to establish themselves as the go-to design studio for products that needed to provide both form and function. In 2014 the founder of Leitner Designs, Bernhard Leitner, designed the first Active Cargo System which became known as the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System or Leitner ACS Truck Bed Rack. This was developed out of need for rack that could carry off-road and motocross gear without sacrificing full use of the truck bed, and the Leitner System did just that. With a core mission to “Carry Your World” at the forefront of every design and innovation to the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System, you can be sure that the Leitner Rack will enable you to do just that. Leitner Designs provides the ability to have the gear you need when you need it, to truly carry your world with you while simultaneously leaving the world behind. To open the door to leaving civilization behind, look no further than Leitner.


Why choose a Leitner Rack?

 Leitner Designs Truck Bed Racks are an innovative and industry leading cargo system. Leitner Racks come in two different models, the classic and the forged model. The Leitner Designs Active Cargo System Classic is the original design that started it all. This design features a static weight rating of 1000 lbs. with an on road dynamic rating of 500 lbs. and off-road dynamic rating of 250 lbs. The difference in on road vs off-road weight rating is due to the uneven terrain and hazards you may encounter when not on paved asphalt, while that static (stationary) weight rating makes this rack perfect for a roof top tent. This impressive weight rating is thanks to the tig welded military grade aluminum and allows the rack to only weight just over 80 lbs. Leitner Designs decided to build on this and offer the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System Forged Truck Bed Rack. The Leitner Designs Forged Truck Bed Rack features an impressive 1400 lbs. static weight rating with a on road dynamic weight rating of 800 lbs. and an off-road dynamic weight rating of 400 lbs. Leitner is able to achieve this using a fully forged aluminum construction that only weighs a total of 85 lbs.! Both models feature a rubber wind diffuser and a load pad to prevent your cargo from sliding around. To take it a step further, Leitner Racks feature a revolutionary design that allows full mobility of the rear crossbar, allowing full use of your truck bed! The uprights on either side do no protrude far into the bed either, further ensuring maximum use of your space. These are not the only features that makes this a standout truck bed rack. Leitner Systems feature a host of proprietary accessories that allow them to stand out from the rest, but we will cover this in our next post covering the best accessories for your Leitner Rack. 

Truck Brigade is proud to be a leading authorized dealer for Leitner Designs Active Cargo Systems and all Leitner Accessories. We take the time to personally vet each item that we feature on our website to ensure that it holds up to our personal standards and will truly serve our customers. As mentioned earlier, it is the truck bed rack that one of our owners carries on his rig. His Leitner System is fully equipped with a Roof Top Tent, Gear Pods, a Gear Pod XL, RotopaX, and MAXTRAX. We can personally attest to the versatility and durability of the Leitner Designs Truck Bed Rack as it has accompanied us on our journeys. If you are considering the Leitner Rack for your overland build or as your next truck bed rack, allow us to assist you. We take great personal pride in ensuring the rack you purchase fits your journey and serves your needs. We offer 100% free shipping on all Leitner Racks and Leitner Designs Accessories, with full in-house warranty support, and a lowest price guarantee. When you join the Brigade, you are more than a customer, you are family, and we treat you as such. Below you will find our most popular fitments with the ability to add directly to your cart. If you are unsure of the fitment, please give us a call or chat in to receive a guaranteed fitment on your Leitner Designs ACS Bed Rack or Leitner Designs Accessories.


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