RSI SmartCap

SmartCap is the world’s first modular truck cap system. From its 5-piece stainless steel design to its seamlessly integrated Components, the SmartCap lets you build and organize your truck bed exactly how you want it. But that’s just where the benefits of this revolutionary design begin.

How do you prepare for a month-long Safari, driving your truck and camping with your family in some of South Africa's most extreme off-road destinations? Well, if you happen to be product designer Mike Voss, you design and build a modular truck cap to help you organize gear and create the perfect platform for your rooftop tent with a view.
SmartCap® was formed out of the rugged terrain of Africa. Every millimeter was built to withstand the twisting and jostling of offroad trails. To be watertight during torrential flash floods and dust-tight over thousands of kilometers driving through the reserves—the African dust seeping into everything it encounters. Everything that is, but the SmartCap.